A bold move that is against today’s landscape is the announcement of McLaren focusing solely on supercars with no future SUV release. Unlike the competition that has ‘sporty’ SUV’s to help fund their R&D, McLaren is having none of it.

AutoNews reports that McLaren will not be following Porsche, Bentley, Tesla, Jaguar, or Rolls Royce(!) in watering down their brand with an SUV release. President of McLaren North America, Tony Joseph, says,

“We have been a company in existence for a long time prior to automotive and we’re a profitable company, so there’s really no need to go into SUVs. We want to concentrate just on two-seat sports cars and be known as the iconic sports car company.”

While that’s the case, McLaren is focused on future-proofing their car lineup, with hybrid configurations on the works in Woking. The makers of the new Senna hypercar reports that a full-electric car is also in the works, but that is unlikely before 2022.

That’s pretty exciting stuff but you think they’ll follow through with it? Or succumb to the pressure?