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Any one of you late-night Craigslist trawlers — like us — might have overlooked this: What was once the world’s fastest car, making an ignoble and frankly shady appearance on the same site as import-peeing Cavaliers, Miata limousines, weirdo Audi wagons, blowhard Pontiacs, Whalemobiles, the ultra-rare Chevrolet SSR prototype, and four freakin’ Citroën SMs, which the McLaren trumps in parts availability if not its ability to leak oil at the Monte Carlo Casino valet stand. (Which one? Take your pick.)

Well put away your Monte Carlos, because here is quite possibly the most expensive Craigslist find, ever: seven point eight nine million dollars for a 1994 McLaren F1, well-worn with 78,436 miles. Low miles! Rare! NO LOWBALLERS!

McLaren Craigslist street parked

Oh, nothing to see here, just a 204-mph supercar street-parked behind some fifteen-year old Audi like the rest of us slobs. Photo by Craigslist

The McLaren F1, one of 64 roadgoing models, sold new for the pithy sum of one million dollars. Last year, a McLaren sold for $8.47 million. This year, a low-mileage example at Pebble Beach ultimately sold for $10.5 million. Hell, a racing example GTR sold this January for just $5.28 million, the sort of astute deal that might make Warren Buffett take a slightly longer lunch break. It’s comforting to know while that “$7890000” might be a figure inputted by the seller’s cat walking across the keyboard, it actually — perversely — is within range.

We attempted to reach out to him asking if he would take either an Xbox or a Mossberg 500 in trade. He has not responded.

Other recent high-buck Craigslist ads? A repo’d Bugatti Veyron once hit the site with a $750,000 price tag, the sort of bargain-basement hunting one would expect with decrepit 240Zs and ill-advised Starions. And the most expensive, ever? It belongs to a 1998 Volvo C70 convertible, red with a black top, that was once listed for a cool $2 billion. Presumably because a cat walked across the keyboard.

If the ad goes down (presumably because someone’s snapped it up), click here to view it in its lavish majesty.