With as much as we know about the McLaren Speedtail, we’re still missing the finest, most important details. Now that hypercars are no longer unicorns but regularly released products, upper three- and four-digit horsepower figures need to be placed in the context of the segment and technical aspects to make the most impact. However, the latest morsel of news on the Speedtail is another step in the right direction. McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt told TopGear magazine at an owner’s club gathering that the next Ultimate Series champion would produce “more than 1,000 PS,” meaning at least 986 horsepower.

Flewitt would only say about the rest of the engine that it will employ a recognizable architecture and “a slightly different hybrid application” than in the P1. We’ll take that as euphemism for the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that features throughout the Sports and Super Series ranges, making 426 hp in the 570S GT4 and 710 hp in the 720S. The P1 used a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 making 727 hp, helped by an electric motor adding another 176 hp, for 903 in total.

We’re not sure how much any owner will feel the 83 hp difference between his P1 and his Speedtail, but Flewitt said the company’s focused “on attributes rather than engines.” What an owner will register is the Speedtail being much faster than the P1; the latter was limited to 217 miles per hour, the English automaker has already pledged the Speedtail will be the fastest-ever McLaren, which means eclipsing the 243 mph that the F1 achieved.

It’s likely that the 106 Speedtail owners will also note the three-seat coupe is more comfortable than both than its spiritual inspiration the F1, and the P1. Flewitt said his team’s developed a hypercar that’s “super comfortable, super to drive,” and a “better driving proposition” than some of the multi-million-dollar competition going for top speed records.

Speaking of top speed records, the McLaren Speedtail won’t be going for any. The horsepower wars might not be over, but when an Aston Martin road car makes 1,130 hp, the battle’s effectively been won by everyone who can take the field. Upstarts are turning their armaments on the physical walls of top speed, and Flewitt wants none of it. On Hennessey’s hunt for 300 mph with the Venom F5, Flewitt demurred, “I might come out with John and take the opportunity to do a high speed run with our car, but we’re not chasing a top speed for the sake of it,” adding that his Speedtail “is more rounded than that.”

McLaren’s latest wonder doesn’t start deliveries until next year, but we’ve heard there’ll be more Speedtail news coming in October.

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