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McLaren brought a full-size 720S made almost entirely out of Legos to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. After the festivities, we saw a time-lapse video of how it was made and felt inspired to make something similar of our own.

Thus, the Autoweek McLaren 720S Lego project was born. In reality, it wasn’t much of a project because our toy car was miniature compared to the actual Lego 720S, but we still had fun. McLaren’s model consisted of 280,000 individual bricks and took 2,000 man hours to complete. Kudos to them. We spent the better part of an hour on our little model, but condensed it down to about 30 seconds for you here.

Zac Palmer

Zac Palmer – Editorial Intern Zac Palmer has probably spent more time in a car than any other 21-year old in the country. He likes anything that can go around a corner, and is surely talking about a car wherever he might be.
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