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Dodge hopes to send the current-generation Viper out on a high note with slight performance alterations, a couple of new paint-color options and lots of special-edition models.

Joining the paint palette for 2010 are toxic orange pearl and bright silver metallic, which bumps the available paint options to 12. Along with the six new wider, dual-racing-stripe patterns, Dodge says that more than 7,600 configurations are available when taking into account the five interior color combinations, four wheel choices and three offered interior gauges.

High-speed acceleration and top speed improve with a shorter fifth-gear ratio (now 0.80, from 0.74), which cuts 0-to-200-mph time by 14 seconds. The change comes directly from Dodge’s experience at the Nürburgring.

On ACR models, a new short-throw shifter is added and the rear spoiler profile and end plates are revised, which together with the new fifth-gear ratio bump top speed up 4 mph to 184 mph.

And what final act would complete without a limited edition or two? Or even more? Dodge says to expect “numerous special, limited-edition models” for 2010. The first will be the 1:33 Edition Viper ACR to pay homage to the car’s production-car lap record at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca set on Nov. 24. Only 33 cars will be built sporting a two-tone black and red paint job and piano black console bezels, red gauge highlights and red seat stitching for the interior.

The second announced limited model is the Vooodoo-edition Viper ACR with black exterior paint and graphite driver’s stripe outlined in red. The steering wheel will also feature unique striping. Just 10 units of this edition will be built.

In all, Dodge will build about 500 Vipers for the 2010 model year before the V10 supercar goes on hiatus with no definite announcement of a successor.