Porsche experienced a huge amount of success with the Cayman R several years ago. Since then, a string of back-to-basics Porsche 911 models have been launched, each proving more popular than the last. AutoExpress has now managed to obtain confirmation that a new lightweight Porsche Cayman is in the works; the Porsche 718 Cayman T!

The British magazine has confirmed that the model will follow the ethos of the recently released Porsche 911 T. The T, in Porsche’s eyes, is a lightweight, stripped-back Porsche model, differing from the R and GT3 in the sense that it enters the market at a different price point. As many have pointed out, the T has its history in the 1987 Porsche 911T which was essentially a budget 911.

For the Cayman, we are told that it will sit between the Cayman S and GTS, fitted with Porsche’s 2.5 litre flat-four engine and developing around 360 bhp. A world away from the 1987 car’s measly 110 bhp.

Porsche will offer some weight saving measures, including thinner glass, fabric door pulls and sports seats which should remove around 20 kg from the Cayman’s kerbweight. It should also come fitted with a sports exhaust and a sport chrono package together with 20 inch wheels.

The Cayman T will be part of the 718 Cayman’s final production year as Porsche gear up for the 2020 launch of its replacement. In recent days the Cayman T was spotted testing on roads neart the Nürburgring. Those images show that the T shares its front facia with the GTS, gets a lower ride height and a new set of exhaust pipes.

We are still expecting Porsche to release a hardcore, performance version of the 718 Cayman. The GT4 is also expected to debut next year and will likely prove to be the final Porsche Cayman before the new generation.