At about a million dollars, the McLaren Senna’s price tag is eye-popping. But if you’re willing to build it yourself, you can get it for a fraction of the price. Well, and if you’re OK with it being much smaller and made of plastic, since this assembly-required Senna is a new Lego Speed Champions kit.

Since the Speed Champions cars are quite small, a lot of detail is lost, especially when replicating such a complex and detailed car as the Senna. But key details such as the clear door panels and airplane-sized wing have been translated to brick. The kit also includes a wind tunnel fan so your Lego mini figures can live the McLaren engineer life, finding ways to cut drag on a vehicle with so many flat surfaces and sharp corners.

The Lego McLaren kit is available now wherever Legos are sold. On the Lego web store, it’s listed for $14.99.

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