Leatherman’s skill in crafting multitools has turned the brand into a genericized trademark similar to Kleenex and Velcro — Leatherman means multitool. The Portland-based company produces tools of all shapes and sizes with various applications, and while many of those are generic — if that word can even be used in describing a multitool — the Signal is specially designed for outdoor use and wilderness survival.

The Signal’s toolset was gleaned from conversations with trained survivalists who placed particular emphasis on items that can aid in wilderness rescue (hence the tool’s name). These include a ferrocerium fire starter and a whistle. But the Signal doesn’t sacrifice utility for specialization; it also incorporates outdoor staples like a can opener, a saw, a hammer and an awl, pliers, a diamond-coated sharpener and of course, a knife, along with a few more. To pay tribute to the Signal’s wilderness utility, Leatherman has re-released the multitool with a forest green paint job and topographic detailing on the knife blade.

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