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The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 got a little pub ahead of its auto show debut thanks to a “Car and Driver” leaked cover. Apparently released as part of a subscriber newsletter, the image of the cover featuring the Corvette is making the rounds on the internet. For the unfamiliar, ZR1 is the latest moniker to return to the Corvette family (the last ZR1 came out during the C6 generation) after Grand Sport and Z06, and it’s likely the final frontier for the seventh-generation Corvette — that means this could be the last high-performance front-engine Corvette if the rumors about mid-engine Corvettes hold true.

If that’s the case, the front-engine Corvette is going out with a bang. According to the “Car and Driver” cover, the ZR1 will have 750 hp — 100 more than the already potent Z06 ‘Vette. More importantly, it looks like the front bodywork features more spaces for cooling — a place where this generation of Corvette has struggled.

C and D cover

The Corvette ZR1 will have 750 hp and a lot of aero.

It doesn’t look like the ZR1 has a DOHC V8 despite carrying the legendary LT5 engine denomination, at least according to Corvette Blogger.

We’re expecting all the details about the ZR1 later this week when it makes a debut at the Dubai motor show, but until then — you can watch it run around the Nurburgring here.