Just when you thought Land Rover was done building the old-school Defender, it goes and springs this surprise on us. The Solihull brand announced today — about two years after Defender production officially ceased — that it will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company by building 150 V8 powered Defenders.

That’s fantastic news, but only if you have $207,000 and don’t live in the United States. That’s right: if you live in the States and want the 70th Anniversary Defender V8, with its 400 horsepower, you’ll have to wait until the 25-year-old law allows you to import them. There will inevitably be imported models too, because the 5.0-liter V8 up front makes this the most powerful and fastest Defender ever to come from the factory — its collectible-status is assured. The last time Land Rover built V8 specials, in 1979, the company was celebrating its 50th Anniversary — those models became instantly desirable by collectors and enthusiast the minute they rolled off the line. It’s hard to imagine this new V8 Defender will be any different.

There’s no denying the U.S loves a good overlander (especially the Defender), not to mention burly V8 engines, so to not be able to get the last of the old Defenders in America is kinda depressing. One thing is for sure though, 25 years from now, these special edition Defenders will cost a heck of a lot more than $200,000 when they make their way to our shores as classics.

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