Today, Lamborghini released a teaser of what it’s calling the “vision for the super sportscar of the future.” The new concept will debut next week in a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and there’s buzz that it might employ a nontraditional type of battery to boost performance. MIT is, after all, working on solid-state lithium batteries with greater energy density and perhaps a lower failure rate. More energy density could mean either lower weight per unit or greater energy storage overall. Both would be excellent attributes for a high-performance Lamborghini.

EmTech 2017 is a tech conference hosted each year at MIT. It may sound strange to reveal a concept outside of an auto show, but this really isn’t all that much difference than a new debut at CES in Las Vegas. And if MIT is lending a hand with some of the tech this car will use, and if it’s as groundbreaking as we think it might be, even more reason to debut it at this conference.

We don’t know exactly what the concept will preview. It could be an advanced technology demonstrator, or it could preview a replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador. We’ll know more next week.

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