I used to dream of a middle ground designed specifically for traveling. Somewhere between sweatpants and jeans that looked good, but not sloppy. I refuse to buy stretch denim, so that was never an option. Lululemon’s ABC pants were close, but they don’t offer the performance and durability that I want in a do-it-all travel pant. Then I tried Mission Workshop’s Signal Pant for the first time, and I was smitten.

It’s a difficult thing to get right; comfort, performance and aesthetics don’t often go hand in hand. But the Signal brings all three to the table and more. I’ve worn them hiking, cycling, running through the airport, on 30-degree days and on 80-degree days — and they’ve never disappointed.

Mission Workshop spared no detail in the Signal. It’s crafted from an ultra-durable, military-spec, four-way stretch nylon fabric that manages to bring all of these properties to the table while remaining breathable. The pants also have an EDC blade-sized pocket on the right-hand side so that your knife is always at the ready. And if you happen to get caught in a rainstorm, no bother. The military-spec nylon fabric is also highly-water repellent.

If there’s one feature on the Signal that I’d rather go without, it’s the zip pocket on the outer right seam of the pant. It isn’t exactly necessary, and it gives away the Signal’s technical prowess with its inclusion in a product that’s designed to fly under the radar. But it’s a minor detail, and one that I’ll happily overlook for the best travel pants I’ve ever owned.

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