KIA is looking to change people’s perceptions of their brand and they went all out to achieve this goal. They did an entire model lineup refresh, hired Audi’s design guru, Peter Schreyer, who then established a distinct ‘tiger nose’ grill for KIA, and Albert Biermann, who used to be a big part of BMW’s M Division. With the Koreans out to make a big impact in the sports luxury market, they put forth a masterpiece called the KIA Stinger, with the ‘GT’ being their top-of-the-line trim level. It changed our minds about KIA, but the important is: will it change yours? Let’s dig deeper and see what the Stinger GT has to offer.

On the outside, the Stinger GT is well-designed, with the front having their own identity. It does have a ‘sportback’ configuration with a working hatch for maximum luggage capacity, and to have a sleek back end. The silhouette is meant to compete with Audi A6 buyers, but for someone that actually wants a driver’s car and not something just for the badge. Out of all sides personally, we think the tail is the best part of the Stinger GT, with the sleek tail lights and those functional quad exhausts.

“If the back looks good, the face does as well” and boy, is that quote ever so true. Complete with the ‘tiger’ nose, the KIA Stinger GT is a very handsome car, that will be a dark horse in the sports luxury car segment. We think that a neutral color like white would show the angles quite well, but red is also a good buy for the Stinger. Available in two-liter four-cylinder turbo engines, you really want the GT with a torque-y 3.3L twin-turbo V6 producing 365 hp and 376 lb/ft. of torque. This four-door bullet will send you 0-60mph around 4 secs in style. But enough about the outside; let’s check the inside.

KIA also stepped their game up on interiors as well, with a great selection of refined materials, soft-touch material, perforated heated and cooled(!) Nappa leather seats, gorgeous aluminum-like accent pieces, and a center console for navigation and mobile connectivity. The Stinger GT is a nice place to be in and earned its keep to the ‘GT’ moniker.

While the KIA Stinger GT is the best car that KIA has produced to-date, it has stiff competition from their rivals. The price point and equipped features will definitely help the GT stand out from the crowd and we hope it gathers enough traction to make competitors take notice and step their game up as well. Granted, it won’t be stopping production of the Germans, but it’s enough to get traction going for a brighter future with KIA. Someone who can attest to this is from a dealership that has witnessed the evolution of KIA: Jennings Motor Group. With over 100 years of experience in serving customers, they have been proud supporters of KIA along with other marques in their portfolio. Serving the greater United Kingdom, here’s what they have to say about KIA and the Stinger GT,

Prepare to toss your assumptions and conventional thoughts of KIA right out the door. There’s a new competitor in town and it’s looking to start up its own squad of followers.

Now that’s worth something.