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Uber car guy Jay Leno has taken delivery of his McLaren P1 supercar. It’s the first privately owned example to hit American soil. He brought it to his garage, where he met up with McLaren’s Mike Flewitt, and the two chatted about McLaren’s history, cars and racing victories.

Leno said he’d put more than 800 miles on the car in a few days. Flewitt told him that a few guys he knows have already run up more than 3,000 miles. Flewitt said he likes the fact that owners are driving these things and not keeping them as a work of art.

If we had to pick an owner for the first P1, and it couldn’t be us, Leno would be high on our list. Not only do we know he’ll drive it regularly — he drives all his cars regularly — but we get a chance to see it on his weekly Web program.