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At the Detroit auto show, Ford debuted the long-awaited and heavily speculated 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt alongside the car it’s emulating — the 1968 Ford Mustang fastback from the movie “Bullitt.” While one of the film’s Mustangs was found in Mexico early in 2017, the actual car that the legendary Steve McQueen drove during the film’s seminal chase scene was tucked away in a barn in Tennessee, having been bought out of the back of Road & Track in 1974 and used as a family car until it was put to rest in the barn.

Because of the car’s value, the owners didn’t seem to be interested in letting the world know about this special Mustang, but the new Bullitt edition car created a perfect excuse to bring the original back into the public eye.

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In the video, Leno drives both the 2019 and the 1968 Mustang, speaking with Mark Schaller from Ford about the way the new car drives and its features. After his time in the new car, he gets a chance to drive McQueen’s Mustang and talk with the car’s current owner Sean Kiernan about the car’s history. 

Want to see the 1968 Ford Mustang from Bullitt run around a racetrack? Of course you do: Check out the video above.