In the warmer months, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your indoor plants outside. Well it’s getting cooler now, so it’s time to bring those suckers back in. In the time they’ve been outdoors, your plants probably grew a few inches or the planter they were in got a bit grimy. So maybe it’s time to bring them home and give them a new home — a planter that is. Just make sure you keep in mind the proper technique for repotting your plants.

1 Trigg Large Hanging Planter



Had a couple of succulents growing on your window sill? Give them a new resting place on your wall. You may have seen similar designs in budget stores and Etsy storefronts, but Umbra’s Trigg is the original maker of the geometric vessel with wire stand. Buy one or buy a few to create a gallery of greenery when a plain white wall just isn’t doing it for you.

2 Ecopot



All of Bloomscape’s pots come planted in an Ecopot, and it’s because of their all-purpose design and good-for-the-earth makeup. Each planter is made up of around 80 percent recycled plastics. These aren’t showstoppers, but they do highlight and complement whatever plant you put inside.

3 Goblet Terra Cotta Planter

Ekho Design


Tunisian potter Monia Rassaa crafted these planters, which are inspired by pottery from her heritage. Shaped like a goblet, these are like Holy Grails to hold your plant babies.

4 7″ Hanging Planter



Perfect for vine plants, let your philodendrons  and pothoses have some space to spread their wings (vines?). The planter height is adjustable between 20-inches and 47-inches and fit most medium-sized plants. These planters do not have a drain hole, so try to line the base with large rocks to prevent water from pooling and causing potential bacteria growth.

5 The Met Precolumbian Planter

The Sill


The Met celebrated its 150th anniversary with a bunch of collaborations, one of them being this planter with The Sill. The earthenware planter has a timeless bowl design and is sure to be in style during The Met’s 300th anniversary.

6 Botanical Family Pot



Individually, there’s very little special about these Hay planters. But mix and match planters with saucers to recreate Hay’s playful use of color.

7 Kaya 2-Piece Ceramic Bowl Planter



For some reason, decorative planters don’t like to have drain holes. But as Jungalow’s product description so proudly proclaims, the Kaya is “a decorative, indoor planter *WITH* DRAINAGE!” Like the aforementioned Hay Botanical Family Pots, these planters really stand out when you play around with different color saucers and pots.

8 Aaro Medium Geo Planter with Stand

Crate and Barrel


This planter is all about contrasts. It has a white earthenware planter with a black iron stand, and the geometric pot is accented by the wiry, thin frame. Add a plant into the mix and you’ve got yourself a little piece of art.

9 Planter Set

Hasami Porcelain


Hasami Porcelain makes some of the best pottery on the market. It’s made from Amakusa pottery stones mixed with potter’s clay for a textured, natural feel. The saucer is built to look like it’s part of the planter, making it as simple as it is beautiful.

10 Terrazo Pot + Metal Stand



Give short plants the height they need with this playful terrazzo pot accompanied by a tall metal stand.

11 Edge Pot Ø18



Scandinavian brand Skagerak’s Edge Pots are hand-thrown in Portugal to make a Greek-Egyptian-inspired planter. We’ll just say its worldly design is worthy of being your plant’s new home.

12 Archromo Planter

Light + Ladder


“Perch a plant,” Food52 writes in its description. The t-shaped stand of the planter sits atop a drain tray so you can water your plants without waterboarding them.

13 Recreation Center Ceramic Grid Planter



In an effort to give artisans a place to showcase their work, Madewell and its Hometown Heroes initiative teamed up with Recreation Center’s Josephine Heilpern on this gridded planter (with drain hole!) and matching saucer.

14 Stacking Planter



These planters have a little secret: the bottom ring is actually a saucer. Designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams made the planters to resemble ceramic insulators. Why? Because plants are electric.

15 Denny Ceramic Planter and Tray

Urban Outfitters


You’re going to pay more for a larger planter to give your big plants a happy home. The bohemian-inspired Denny has a raw finish, almost as if you made it yourself. Except you bought it at Urban Outfitters, and it’s a little pricey. 

Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

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