Uniqlo’s Blocktech Convertible Collar Coat

It’s Only $40: I’m Convinced There’s No Better Trench Coat Than This One from Uniqlo

Last weekend, I found myself walking through a torrential downpour, completely unprepared. I popped into Uniqlo to buy an umbrella but a sleek navy trench caught my eye. I took it off the rack, tried it on and copped it immediately. If you’re in the market for a new trench (or find yourself caught in a rainstorm) this is the jacket to get. Here’s why.

It’s cut perfectly, tailored with just enough room in the shoulders. I’ve worn it by itself as well as with a blazer underneath. Zero complaints. The material is sturdy, yet light enough to fold down in a suitcase. Taped seams are complemented by its hidden zipper. My favorite detail, however, is the hood, attached with award-winning Sun Grip snaps from Japan. For $100, I’m convinced there’s no better jacket. Now that it’s on sale for $40, it’s a must-have.

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