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There were a ton of overboosted, overdesigned, overstyled vehicles floating around SEMA last week, but for our money, as in, the money we’d spend, there aren’t too many cooler than this Audi TT Clubsport built by Dr. Rouven Mohr and friends. Mohr is the head of whole vehicle development for Lamborghini and he brought the car from Las Vegas to Long Beach, California to stop by the Hoonigan garage.

The TT Clubsport biturbo makes 600 hp thanks to its boosted I5 cribbed from the new TTRS, a bigger standard turbocharger as well as an electric turbocharger getting power from a 48-volt battery. That means there is no turbo lag, according to the doctor and with Audi’s quattro system, not much wheelspin either, as we can see near the end of the video. Mohr installed a six-speed manual transmission, which he admits is slower than a dual-clutch, but this car is for drivers, he says. And it sounds amazing.

The squared-off exterior styling takes cues from Audi race and rally cars of yore including the capital-Q Quattro of course, along with the IMSA GTO Audi race car from the late ’80s/early ’90s. The roll cage is integrated cleanly into the shell while the carbon-fiber buckets look just right.

For me, skip the chrome, skip the pickups, skip the flash, give me something with massive horsepower, massive road-holding ability and a massive turbo whoosh, like this TT.