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For many in the Snow Belt, the sports car has long been put away in a warm garage, replaced by the venerable winter beater. Heck, folks in Michigan are busy digging out their winter beaters from the first winter storm of the season.

To some, a winter beater is that first-gen Ford Taurus SHO with aging snow rubber; to others, it’s the old McLaren you have tucked away — a winter beater can mean something different to different people. The latter might be a rare case, but this brave McLaren 540C owner decided to turn his nose up to the slushy mess. We can’t determine where this brave little 540C calls home, but we have to give it props for braving the elements.

With the winter tires and some extra time for the commute to work or the grocery store, we imagine the 540C wouldn’t be the worst winter beater. Granted, we don’t think it would be our choice.