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Infiniti brought what might be the coolest car it has ever produced to the 2017 Geneva auto show. Project Black S, a collaboration between Infinti and Renault Sport F1, “explores the potential for a new high-performance model line.”

The Black S visually separates itself from the rest of the Infiniti lineup with more pronounced edges, sharper lines and a bigger wing. The air intakes are larger, too, though Infiniti says this project would be ripe for a hybrid powertrain with an energy-recovery system. The company says that a hybrid system could be good for a 25 percent increase in output from its already strong 400-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6.

Last year, Infiniti jumped from sponsor in Formula 1 to technical partner. It helped Renault with its hybrid technologies, leaning on what it learned from designing road cars.

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For the Black S, Infiniti is exploring the use of a motor generator unit and battery, like the Renault F1 car, to harvest energy, store it and dispense it to both the crankshaft and turbocharger blades.

The company is also looking at lightweight wheels and other weight reductions to offset the heft of the hybrid tech. The front splitter, rear diffuser, fenders and side skirts are all made from carbon fiber.

“Project Black S is a daring and elevated representation of Infinti’s performance DNA,” said Alfonso Albaisa, executive design director of Infiniti. “This project has given us the opportunity to experiment with advanced materials to create a performance-inspired aesthetic that draws on Infiniti’s motorsport ties through the Alliance.”

The Q60 Black S, Infiniti says, is to gauge potential interest in high-performance cars with motorsports technologies. We’ll go on record now with a, “Yes, we’re interested, but we journalists probably won’t be able to afford it.” Take that for what you will.