Tracking weightlifting has been a notoriously tricky task for fitness trackers. Most fitness watches are primed to monitor your energy output during runs or HIIT workouts, where your heart rate is spiking and holding. But for an exercise like CrossFit, where you’re pushing hard for a shorter amount of time with longer breaks, it’s tricky to get an accurate reading. Nexus, an app and tracking band, wants to fix that. Using both external (load lifted and movement exerted) and internal metrics (heart rate), the Nexus tracker can provide you with a more accurate and holistic look at your CrossFit data.

With an accelerometer and gyroscope, the band watches your movement patterns as you move from squats and lunges to box jumps and jumping jacks. It’ll count your reps as well as your velocity, displacement, power and time. The app tracks your recovery time, how intense your workout is, the pace of your current exercise and your cadence to find your weak spots and help you push forward toward stronger and faster workouts. The band also claims to know the difference between a deadlift and when you reach to grab a sip of water, which means there’s less fluff around the workout.

Unfortunately, at this time, Nexus does not work with Android, but it is compatible with iOS 9 and up. The Nexus package includes a Push Band 2.0, an arm strap and compression sleeve. Fill in your sleeve and arm strap size, then pick from one of three colors.