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Ahead of its CES show debut, Hyundai is showing off its currently unnamed fuel-cell electric crossover. There aren’t too many details available for the new green machine, but Hyundai says the crossover will come with new Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies. The company isn’t clear about what exactly that means in terms of hardware, but it’s clear they plan to push its autonomous driving features.

We imagine the system will be similar to the semi-autonomous features found in vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volvo — think active cruise control and a lane keeping system powerful enough to a guide the car around a corner. Hyundai also says it’ll include an artificial-intelligence-enhanced voice command system, like your Google Home or Amazon Echo

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As with the name, Hyundai is being tight-lipped about important features like range, output and price, but any production fuel-cell crossover will get range and powertrain details similar to those of the FE Fuel-Cell concept. Hyundai claims that concept car, which debuted at the Geneva motor show earlier this year, was good for 497 miles before refueling.

We’ll get more information, and a name, when the folks at Hyundai peel back this car’s cover on Jan. 8 during its CES press conference. Until then, you can check out what it looks like above.