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The video shows a man and woman leaving an underground garage in their Lamborghini showing little concern about the storm raging above, until the two put on sunglasses and slide the top of their Huracan Spyder into the trunk. The rain miraculously stops, the sun starts cracking through the clouds, and sunbeams give chase to the car.

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After outrunning the sun, rushing through a tunnel, and running through the different drive modes, the Huracan reaches the precipice of a mountain overlooking the clouds.

Lamborghini might be overselling the Huracan Spyder — we doubt it’ll change the weather  — but it’s great to see the new drop-top speeding down the road. The Hurcan’s 608-hp V10 is apparently capable of pushing the Spyder to 201 mph, making it one of the fastest convertibles on the market. We don’t have an official word on pricing or availability of this new Lambo, but we’re going to guess it’ll be more than the near-$200,000 tag of the base Huracan.