Finding the right mechanic can take some time but it will end up saving you thousands of dollars over the course of years. Plus, being able to take the car in for a repair without worrying about being overcharged just because you own an expensive car can bring peace of mind that many consumers are looking for.

The last thing you want to do is leave your priceless car with a mechanic that might never have worked on your model before. The following are ways that you can find a mechanic that you can trust and go to for years to come.

Find The Mechanic Before You Need Them

Finding the right mechanic can be tough if you are going to do it when your car is not running or is barely running. Get a list of mechanics together and go through the list doing appropriate research on each one. Even if you do not use them right away this is important as you will need to find someone to repair your car at some point. Call all of the shops and use the same repair to see how they compare in price. Asking how much a catalytic converter costs to be replaced in a Lamborghini Diablo is a random enough repair that the mechanics will not become curious.

Personal Referrals

The best thing that you can do is get a personal referral to a mechanic. It is imperative that you mention that you were sent by another current customer. Your friend or colleague could get a discount on future repairs, as well as something a bit more cunning. People usually gravitate to others with exotic cars so asking around a car show can be the perfect opportunity to find an exotic car mechanic you can trust. Mentioning this person can help ensure quality service as the mechanic will not want to lose two customers simply by doing a poor job or overcharging. 

Take A Look At Online Reviews

Browsing online reviews needs to be done before going into any auto repair shop. As you read through reviews, look for mentions of specific models of rare cars as reviewers often times take any chance to brag about their prized automobile. Pay attention to reviews that mention the specific repair that was done as well as that named the people that helped them. Shops with minimal reviews can still be a viable option as long as the current reviews are satisfactory

Get A Few Estimates

Getting estimates can be done in one day and most mechanics will honor their estimates for a certain amount of time. If you know it will soon be time to repair the transmission or another expensive repair start to get this pricing together. Do not always go with the lowest price if they do not have stellar reviews as mentioned above. Different shops charge different prices for certain repairs so one shop might be perfect for one repair while another is best for a completely different repair. Trusted mechanics will give a breakdown of costs as well in this estimate so this can be analyzed as well. The truth is that depending on how rare your car is you might have to travel hours to find a mechanic willing to work on a car of that price.

AAA and Better Business Bureau Endorsements

Being a AAA trusted auto repair shop can tell the story of the quality of work that the shop does as well as it being a reasonable price. People will complain to AAA or the Better Business Bureau if they feel like they have been slighted by their mechanic. Too many of these complaints that have merit and the shops will be removed from the list of trusted mechanics. AAA is not going to put their good name on the line for a repair shop that does not value their endorsement. Contact the shop to see if they have special mechanics that work specifically on rare and exotic cars.

Bottom line, research the shops as thoroughly as possible and try to find out what certifications the shop has and their mechanics have. Building a personal rapport with your mechanic can also lead to discounts over time for a long-time customer. Most mechanics understand that people will continue coming back as long as they are treated fairly when it comes to price and the repairs are done correctly.