Apple recently rolled out iOS 14 which gave iPhones a bunch of new features like widgets, iMessage threads and a new App Library. It also did something a little unexpected: it reverted the default email app back to Apple’s own Mail app. It also reverted the default web browsing app back to Safari.

This appears to be a bug, but it obviously inconvenienced a lot of people who used a third-party email apps like Gmail. Fortunately there’s an pretty easy fix for both.

How to set Gmail as your iPhone’s default email app.

• Open the Settings app.

• Scroll down and select the Gmail tab (or tab of your preferred third-party email app).

• Select “Default Mail App.”

• Make sure Gmail is selected, not Mail.

How to set Chrome as your iPhone’s default web browsing app.

• Open the Settings app.

• Scroll down and select the Chrome tab.

• Select “Default Browser App.”

• Make sure Gmail is selected as your default mail.

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