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While the Chinese Flying Pigeon bicycle may be the most-produced vehicle ever made, the Honda Super Cub motorcycle ranks as the most-produced motor vehicle in human history, with production surpassing the 100,000,000 mark this year. Whether hauling bedroom sets and entire families in Vietnam or your Speed Week correspondent at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Super Cub appears capable of going anywhere and doing anything. At the Tokyo Motor Show in October, Honda did a bit of much-deserved bragging by setting up this Super Cub display.

Honda Super Cub photographed with 1954 Ricohflex camera

It seemed appropriate for me to photograph a vintage Super Cub with a Japanese Ricohflex film camera from the 1950s. Photo by Murilee Martin

Disappointingly, Honda shoppers can’t buy a golden 2017 Super Cub with the commemorative badging… yet. However, my sources at Honda tell me that it is possible the 60 Years/100 Million badges will be available for sale in the not-excruciatingly-distant future; when that happens, I will get one for my 1980 Super Cub.