One of the highlights of the annual automotive extravaganza that occurs every August on the Monterey Peninsula is the Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. Yes, the comma is officially part of the name. And yes, it really is that pretentious. But look beyond the complementary champagne and gourmet food stations, and you’ll see an exquisite array of exotic automobiles – classic, new and concept – trampling the 18th fairway of the Quail Lodge & Golf Club. It’s basically an extremely fancy cars and coffee.

Though we poke fun at it a bit, it’s nevertheless one of those things that’s worth experiencing. Then again, admission runs a cool $600, which is basically twice the price of the actual Pebble Beach Concours. Of course, you don’t get the champagne and fois gras with that.

Check out our ace photographer Drew Phillips’ photographic evidence of the 2017 Quail. As always, it was quite the collection.

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