Unless it’s mixed in a refreshing cocktail, you won’t find straight whiskey among our favorite drinks to sip on during the hot summer. Combining the sweetness of pear, nutmeg, and vanilla with Highland Park’s signature peat smoke aroma, ‘The Light’ Whisky may just be the exception to that. We’ll have it with ice, please.

A follow-up to ‘The Dark’ whisky released a year ago (aged in European oak sherry seasoned casks), the new summer-celebrating tipple was aged exclusively in refill American oak casks, hence the bright natural color.

The 17-year-old Scotch whisky clocks in at 52.9% ABV. It arrives in a pale green bespoke bottle embossed with a Viking-inspired serpent dragon and housed in an oak cradle. A limited edition of 28,000 bottlings available worldwide, with 4,500 of them reserved for the US.

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