Hennessey Performance recently unveiled its upcoming Venom F5 hypercar, along with some impressive projected performance figures, including a claimed 301 mph top speed. But the unveiling only showed the exterior of the car. That will change on November 21 when the car’s insides are revealed, and the company also provided a peek at the steering wheel ahead of the debut.

What we can see is that the car has copious amounts of carbon fiber. The wheel appears to be made of carbon fiber, the dashboard is made of it, and it appears the LCD instrument panel is surrounded by it. Anything that isn’t made of exposed carbon fiber seems to be wrapped in leather or Alcantara.

The steering wheel is just covered in buttons, too, and even some toggle switches. Some of them are for usual car fare, such as the horn and turn signals, but there are some more exotic ones. There’s a button labeled “boost”, for example. It will be interesting to see if that’s for an overboost function for more pressure from the turbo for a short time. The gear selector even migrates to the steering wheel, appearing as a twist knob on the lower left of the wheel center.

We’re looking forward to seeing the full interior reveal on the 21st, but we’ll be looking forward even more to the final powertrain reveal. Though the company has announced the car will hit a top speed of 301 mph and have an original V8 design, John Hennessey has said that final powertrain details aren’t nailed down yet, and has left the door open for the engine having more than two turbos. The final car should start reaching customers around 2019 or 2020.

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