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Take it from us: there are few better ways to go camping than in a rooftop tent. High above the world on top of your ride, there’s no need to worry about intruding animals, rocky sleeping surfaces or groundbound cold seeping up; there’s just you and the view, safe and sound between earth and sky. And if you want to take one of these home at a discount, you can do so right now as part of the broader Black Friday and Cyber Mondaysales extravaganza.

Right now, over at Backcountry, you can choose from any of the Thule x Tepui or Yakima rooftop tents as part of their pre-Black Friday event, in which you can take 20% off any full-priced product.

Considering these rooftop camping situations run well into four figures, 20% can work out to be a fairly impressive chunk of change. (You do have to enroll in Backcountry’s cash back credits program to be eligible for the deal, but don’t sweat it; you can easily opt out at any time by unsubscribing from their email list if you want.)

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