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Winter is upon us. The snow has begun to fly, the ski resorts have fired up their snowmaking systems, the temperatures have steadily continued to fall. Gone is fall’s autumnal color palette, stamped out by winter’s cool whites and blues. This time of year requires a wardrobe of specialized clothing if you are to seek out an adventure — or in some cases if you endeavor to leave your apartment. Goldwin makes an assortment of just such clothing — like its Spur Down Parka, which is among the warmest jackets money can buy. We curated the ultimate cold-weather winter kit to compliment the Spur Down Parka, so you can be toasty warm, even in a blizzard.

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Spur Down Parka

Goldwin Goldwin


Goldwin’s Spur Down Parka is one of the most heat-retaining options in its entire inventory. It’s stuffed full of a mixture of high-loft down and KODENSHI down — a ceramic fiber that uses far-infrared radiation to reflect your own body heat back to you for reabsorption. Plus, with ample pocket storage and an insulated placket for extra protection against wind, you can pretty much climb into this parka and self-isolate from coldness until next spring. 

Down Cardigan

Goldwin Goldwin


If you live somewhere that feels like one big snowbank for most of the winter, you’re probably all-too familiar with the shovel sweats. It’s freezing outside, you’re ten minutes into shoveling the driveway with your down parka on and already drenched with sweat. A good mid-layer is so important if you’re doing anything more demanding than walking the dog — and this down cardigan is perfect for just that. Slim enough to be a mid-layer under something else, but warm enough on its own too. 

Wool Grid Leggings

Goldwin Goldwin


 Few things are as integral to a winter kit as a good base layer. Most will keep you warm, but the best will also regulate temperature, wick away moisture and ward off any bacterial smells — as is the case here with Goldwin’s Wool Grid Leggings.

Wool Grid Crew Neck

Goldwin Goldwin


Why restrict the benefits of wool to just your lower body? Goldwin’s Wool Grid Crew Neck is made with the same materials as the Wool Grid Leggings, offers the same benefits. Even if you aren’t heading out for a winter adventure, this layer works as a welcome replacement to a traditional sweatshirt.

Thebe GTX Pants

Goldwin Goldwin


Whether you’re heading out on a ski trip or just braving the long walk to the mailbox after a foot of snow, having a waterproof shell pant is imperative. Not only will they keep you warm and dry, but they’ll also protect you from snow’s surprisingly abrasive qualities.  

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