Every year, knife companies refresh their catalogs with hundreds if not thousands of new designs. Some are updates on past models while others are entirely new — few are notable enough to make a lasting impact, but CRKT’s Pilar might be one to achieve it.

The knife was first released in 2017 and has been a best-seller since. CRKT is expanding upon the Pilar in 2019 with a larger size as well as an all-black version, a move it wouldn’t be making had the original been a flop.

The Pilar was designed by Jesper Voxnaes, who named the blade after the boat that Ernest Hemingway used to do recon on German U-boats in the Caribbean during World War II. Much of its appeal comes from the 2.4-inch blade that’s shaped to function as a miniature cleaver (it’s actually a modified Wharncliffe, a shape made for slicing and chopping that has a muted tip, so it’s safer to carry). The Pilar succeeds with that shape because its handle is wide and it includes an enlarged choil that allows wielders to use a full and firm grip. The resulting sum is a small, EDC-friendly pocket knife that outperforms its size.

CRKT made the Pilar affordable from the start, but it’s currently even more so thanks to a 37 percent discount at Massdrop that brings it from $40 down to $25.

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