If it’s got whisky and Tabasco in it, we’re game! A deliciously spicy tipple, made by hand and finished in barrels used to age tabasco peppers for three years, George Dickel Tabasco Whisky is the spicy concoction we’ve all been waiting for.

“Best enjoyed as a shot with celery salt on the rim, pickle juice, or an ice chaser,” Hot Dickel (yes, they call it like that) is produced by letting George Dickel Tennessee Whisky rest for 30 days in ex-Tabasco barrels. The resulting spirit is then blended with an essence made of distilled Tabasco pepper sauce for even more kick.

The newly-released spirit (a gold medal winner at San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition) clocks in at 35% ABV. We can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle and get away with asking: Hot Dickel anyone?

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