When Apple launched its Series 3 Watch with LTE coverage, people questioned how they would use it. What’s the point in paying an extra $10 a month on your phone bill if you can carry your phone around with you and get the same? However, the bug seems to be spreading. Today at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), Garmin just upped its game to include 4G LTE connectivity on its Vivoactive 3 Music by Verizon. Leave your phone at home and watch your tracker do its work.

4G LTE coverage enables you to download songs and music anywhere — whether you’re out on a run or commuting to work. If you forget your phone at home, you can text friends and family when a thought pops into your head. And if you find yourself in a precarious position and need help immediately, hold the crown to send your exact location to pre-loaded emergency contacts. If you take a spill while running, biking or any other activity, the watch will detect incidents, sending messages to your emergency contacts. The Vivoactive 3 Music still has all the same great features we love like Garmin Pay, wrist-based heart rate and a plethora of pre-programmed workouts. The watch looks very similar to previous models in an all-black case, band and a red accent on the crown.

As for how all this will affect battery life? Garmin promises five days in smartwatch mode and up to four hours when you’re connected to GPS, playing music and using the LiveTrack feature (friends and family can monitor your moves) over LTE. While there’s no official price yet, the watch is expected to roll out in the next five to eight weeks and will likely cost more than $300, what the Vivoactive 3 Music costs now.