Spinning Your Wheels

Garmin’s New Bike Computers Are Built With Mountain Bikers in Mind

Garmin launches two new bike computers, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 with enough features for both road cyclists and mountain bikers. In addition to new safety features like group messaging, tracking and built-in incident detection, both work with Trailforks, a platform that monitors trail conditions and lets mountain bikers share their rides. The bike computers also allow mountain bikers to log jump count, distance and hang time — all new features for the two devices. Both trackers claim to have a faster route calculation method, so when you stray from a pre-set path, the Edge will nudge you to get back on track, which is extremely helpful when you’re new to an area or need to log a set number of miles that day. The 20-hour battery life means it’s possible to take bike packing and not have to charge every single night. Both are available on Garmin.com today.


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