G-Shocks are at their best and truest to their original 1983 conception as pragmatic digital watches you can beat the hell out of. Today, however, the focus is often on fashion, and new models increasingly feature analog hands. Lest you think analog hands are new for the brand, however, it was as early as 1989 that Casio made the first analog G-Shock, and they just revived it in six new variations.

This first analog G-Shock also featured a digital display alongside its hands, making it an ana-digi watch. The new models come in two series: one (the AW-500) is housed in G-Shock’s signature resin (plastic) case, and the other takes the more modern approach for nostalgic fans with a bit more money to spend and offers the design with a metal case and bracelet as the AWM-500. Each currently comes in three different executions.

casio aw500e


While the affordable AW-500 models offer standard durability and functionality, they’re more basic than the metal AWM-500 watches. The AWM-500 not only features metal construction but Tough Solar (solar charging), radio-controlled time setting and other premium features. This is a similar treatment to that of other classic G-Shock models which have been released in “Full Metal” versions, such as the iconic 5000 series and 6900 series.

Currently only present on the brand’s Japan and Asia websites, the plastic-cased AW-500 watches are priced around $120, while the metal AWM-500 watches are about $570, or $640 with a gold-toned finishing.

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