Every night I lock up my bike and go to bed wondering if it’ll be there in the morning — and this has gone on for roughly two months. Even with two locks, I’m never really confident someone won’t try to steal it. New York can be a savage spot if you have a bike worth taking — or really any working bike — thieves don’t discriminate. Beyond carrying it up two flights of stairs, the next easy fix would be an Alpen Bike Capsule, something I never thought I needed until right now.

The roto-molded polyethylene storage unit is here to keep all your bikes safe; whether that’s from rain, wind, bears, thieves or your roommate. Similar in shape to a Babybel Cheese if you were to cut it right down the center, but much larger, the circular design somehow blends in and stands out on the beautiful wooden deck pictured on the website. UV resistant and 100-percent rust proof, this capsule bolts to whatever ground you think is best, and easily locks with a key, so you don’t have to worry about anyone guessing your code. The smooth ball bearing door with an anodized aluminum door hub means this storage unit might last longer than your bike.

Currently, on pre-sale for $899, the locker is set to be delivered early this summer. It’s over six feet long, four feet tall and two feet wide. By itself, it weighs in at 130 pounds and fits a 75-inch bike with a seat height of 46-inches. Bike, meet your new home.

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