It’s no secret that several high profile manufacturers share fundamental gearbox components. The market is dominated by the likes of Getrag and ZF. Most manufacturers use variants of these gearboxes, Gretrag’s 7DCL750 7-speed dual clutch gearbox is the perfect example.

The 7DCL750 is used a variety of high performance supercars. Ferrari have used it in the FF, Mercedes-AMG use it in the AMG GT, and now Ford are using it in the Ford GT.

A report, compiled by US magazine, Roadandtrack confirms that the gearbox Ford uses is double the cost of the Mercedes-AMG unit and around $5,000 more than the cost of the Ferrari gearbox.

The Ford GT gearbox retails at a staggering $32,324. The AMG variant is cheap at half the price, $14,940 to be exact. The Ferrari version, the 458 version for example, costs $22,186 to replace.

So what causes such a wild variation? Several factors are put forward. Ford uses a huge number of Getrag transmissions. They sit within almost every Ford product. The difference with the Ford GT is the low production numbers. The cost of development is most likely factored into the overall unit cost.

These cost pale into insignificance when compared to cars like the Bugatti Veyron which demands a $113,000 price tag for its replacement gearbox!