A street-legal car has officially broken the 300 mph barrier in the standing mile. This 2006 Ford GT, run and modified by M2K Motorsports, hit 300.4 mph at the Texas Mile event over the weekend. There isn’t a whole lot of street left in this Ford GT, but now it can be said that they beat Hennessey, Bugatti and Koenigsegg to the feat.

This exact Ford GT held the previous standing-mile record at 293.6 mph before, but why not try for 300, right? Even with the car’s approximately 2,500 horsepower, it’s still legal to take on the streets. We say approximately, because M2K Motorsports is unable to provide an exact horsepower rating due to dyno limitations. It’s still using the 5.4-liter V8 engine that came in the car from Ford, but it’s twin-turbocharged now. These turbochargers produce a walloping 45 psi of boost, and the engine itself runs on methanol. So yeah, it’s pretty bonkers.

You can see the car hit the triple century mark in the video up above on its last run of the day at Victoria Regional Airport. It sounds as wicked as you might expect a 2,500-horsepower V8 engine to sound, and needs a parachute to effectively stop from the high speeds. Funnily enough, the Ford GT still uses a six-speed manual transmission to reach those speeds. For some context, the car had a 205 mph top speed from the factory.