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Blind Barber
Fresh and modern yet rooted in the traditions of the barbershop experience, Blind Barber products hark to the classic while staying free of parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes.

Fulton & Roark
Streamlining and simplifying a man’s process of getting ready is the Fulton & Roark raison d’etre, manifested in their collection of solid colognes and high-quality grooming products.

Urth Skin Solutions
Urth Skin Solutions offers botanical-based face, body and grooming solutions for great-looking, healthy skin, formulated specifically for men.

Billykirk Toiletry Bags
Made with the finest materials, uncompromising attention to quality, and a thoughtful eye for design, Billykirk Toiletry Bags are the perfect way to store your grooming products, at home or on the go.

Seki Edge Grooming Kits
Renowned for its connection to traditional Japanese sword making and metalworking, Seki Edge produces high-quality personal grooming accessories built to last a lifetime.