A few small cosmetic changes and performance tweaks could be all your Supercar needs for it to finally look and feel like the car you know it has the potential to be. We’ve some ideas that are not only transformative but also relatively easy to complete.

Finessing a car is about putting the finishing touches in place and ensuring nothing detracts from the classic qualities your supercar possesses. So which changes should you be prioritizing right now? 

Add Racing Seats

It’s only right that you install proper racing seats. With the right seat selection, you’ll feel maximum comfort whenever you’re behind the wheel, and the same will hold true for your passengers too. Switching your old seats for new racing seats requires a little brute force but it can be done relatively quickly. Just make sure that you’re not ripping out seats that are intrinsic to the classic qualities of your supercar because you may regret it later.

Choose High-Performance Tires

Your supercar deserves the very best high-performance tires. These will help you gain greater control over your supercar when you’re moving at high speeds, and that’s a fantastic feeling to have as a driver. You should also remember to change your tires as the seasons change.

Fit Racing Pedals

You need some racing pedals to accompany those new racing seats. They won’t necessarily make a big difference to how you drive, but the grip is often better and they certainly add to the racing car aesthetic that so many supercar drivers want to achieve.

Add a Unique & Interesting Number Plate

This is one of those things that serves no real purpose, but it’s still nice to have. They’re also known as cherished number plates, and you should definitely consider getting some of your own if you haven’t done so already. It’s something to be proud of and it makes your car stand out from the crowd a little better.

Learn How to Wax 

Simply waxing your car properly will make a pretty big difference to its overall appearance. A shiny and perfect finish to your car is easier to achieve than you imagine, and most of that comes down to how you wax it after it’s been washed. Learn more about car waxing techniques online and put what you learn into practice.

Upgrade Your Gauges

The gauges on your dashboard are used every time you drive your car, so if yours are a little boring and uninspiring, you should swap them out for some that fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for. How easy it is to change these auxiliary gauges will depend on what car you have and how the dashboard is set up. It might only be a cosmetic change, but it’s one worth considering.

Use an Exhaust Muffler

The sound your car makes when you start the ignition matters a lot to petrolheads. There’s something really satisfying about hearing that roar when you get into your car and set off on your journey. This is something that’s dictated by your exhaust and the muffler you have in place. If you don’t have one of those at all, it’s about time you fitted one. It can add to the overall aesthetic and that satisfying sound.

Find Some Striking Aftermarket Wheels

If your wheels are a little dull and basic, you need to go a step further by finding some slick and striking aftermarket alternatives. It’s actually really easy to replace old wheels, and it’s something that you can do by yourself if you have a few basic skills. 

Add a Subwoofer to Your Audio Setup

When you’re using your car day to day, you care about the entertainment it offers. Most base audio systems that come with cars are imperfect to say the least. There’s always something you can do to improve yours so that eventually offers the satisfying sounds you’re looking for. First off, you should add a subwoofer to your system so you don’t miss out on any of those bass sounds

Your Supercar might be super, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. As these ideas prove, there are so many ways to finesse your treasured vehicle. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to drive it in complete comfort and get the most out of it each and every day of the week.