Though the Agera line sold out a while ago, Koenigsegg has finally built the last examples of the supercar. They are Koenigsegg Agera FEs, for “Final Edition,” and each has a name. One is named Thor, and one is called Väder. Each sports its name in badging where the normal model name is usually placed.

Being FE versions, each car is a little more special than the “typical” Agera model. Apparently the owners didn’t have to pay anything extra for options and development of unique parts. Among those unique parts are larger front spoilers and rear wings. Thor has a dorsal fin and Väder has some unique cutouts in the wing supports to show off the components that actuate the active wing. Thor’s finish is a two-tone with some of it in a plain clear carbon fiber finish, and some of it in a clear finish with “diamond-flake.” Väder has the diamond-flake finish over the entire car along with white gold leaf accents across the body. Both cars also feature the 1,360-horsepower twin-turbo V8 from the One:1.

With the final Agera, and the final Regera built, Koenigsegg doesn’t have any models on sale. But that’s a temporary situation that will be rectified soon. The company announced that the Agera’s successor will be revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. We have no doubt it will be as wild-looking and astonishingly fast as every other Koenigsegg.

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