In a social media blast across its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, Ferrari released a seven-second teaser for a new car that is set to debut Feb. 28. A few subtle details hint at what it might be.

Accompanying the short teaser clip were two short sentences: “Tomorrow, the Prancing Horse family welcomes a new member,” it says. “Make room for new thrills.” The clip flashes several up-close parts of the car including a grille, an air intake, a steering wheel with paddle shifters, a drive mode selector, a tachometer, and the top of an engine.

The engine is the most revealing part of the clip. It appears to be the V8 from the 488 Pista, which separates itself visually with carbon fiber covers, rather than the red covers seen in other Ferraris. If it is indeed that V8, it could potentially align with the report that Ferrari would be debuting a hybrid V8 supercar this year. This would just be sooner than we were expecting it.

Ferrari Tease

A secondary intriguing part of the video is the gear selector. The clips shows the normal modes seen on other Ferraris, including Wet, Sport, Race, CT off, and Esc off. But there’s a sixth blurry white spot, which could be absolutely nothing, or it could indicate another type of driving mode. What would be important enough to add a driving mode? Maybe a hybrid?

All we can do is speculate, but thankfully, only for a day more. Check back for the full reveal and full information on Feb. 28.

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