The winged devil you see above is the Ferrari FXX-K Evo. All those protuberances are there for a reason – from the reshaped front fascia with its carbon fiber splitters to the twin-profile rear wing and fixed fins – and that’s to produce downforce. Some of the most important aero bits are hidden where you can’t see. Vortex generators affixed to the belly of the beast and a massive rear diffuser help suck the FXX-K Evo to the track. A path of air travels from the hood, over the canopy, and ultimately to the rear wing, all in an effort to optimize flow and increase high-speed stability.

At 124 miles per hour, says Ferrari, the bits and baubles push toward the earth with 1,411 pounds of downforce. In addition to the aero tweaks, Ferrari made adjustments to the FXX-K’s suspension, fitted it with a redesigned steering wheel, and installed a larger interior display. Owners of previous FXX-K models can opt to have these upgrades added to their cars, and a limited number of new Evos will be produced.

These 1,050-horsepower hybrid gasoline-electric machines aren’t meant for the street. Instead, Ferrari arranges a nine-race schedule for owners who wish to stretch the FXX-K’s legs out on the track. And if you’re lucky enough to own one, we certainly hope you find enough time to take part in the high-speed festivities.

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