Meet the new Ferrari SP48 Unica, this new model is the latest addition to the Prancing Horse’s One-Off series, the most exclusive group in Maranello’s entire production.

The new SP48 Unica is a two-seater sports berlinetta developed on the F8 Tributo platform and designed by the Ferrari Styling Center under the Chief Design officer Flavio Manzoni.

The design of the new Ferrari features an arrow shaped front profile, re-designed headlights, relocated brake air intakes and completely redesigned grille and engine air intakes. A pivotal aspect of the design is the extensive use of procedural-parametric modeling techniques and 3D prototyping which resulted in perfect 3D grilles that seem curved from a solid volume.

In addition to the design, the vehicle has been transitioned from black to the body color which includes the windows, roof and engine cover, the visor effect has been heightened by reducing the size of the side windows and eliminating the rear screen and the central section of the roof includes a graphic representation of the air intakes on the rear carbon-fibre engine cover.

The thermal-fluid-dynamic design delivers different aerodynamic balance and guarantees all cooling requirements are met. The air intakes for cooling flows for the engine on the front bumper and beneath the rear spoiler are among the biggest changes compared to the F8 tributo’s styling and the intercooler intake behind the side window enables the engineers to reduce the dimension of the intakes on the flanks.

Additionally, the longer rear overhang reduces suction from the roof area which in return boosts the rear downforce. The interior of the new model features a specially developed black laser-perforated Alcantara on the seats and most of the cabin trim, polished sill covers with leather-embossed hexagonal motif and matte carbon-fibre cockpit complimented with Grigio Canna di Fucile accents.