When Ferrari officially introduced the LaFerrari Aperta roadster, it announced that it would only build 209 of them. It also announced that every single one was already sold. That apparently isn’t quite the case, though. RM Sotheby’s announced it would be selling a LaFerrari Aperta, and it’s a new one, No. 210, that hasn’t yet been built.

According to the description, this is an additional special edition that will be built to help celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. It will also have a unique paint scheme and will be unveiled during the celebration in Maranello. No details were given as to what the paint scheme would be, but based on the other five specially painted LaFerrari Apertas, it will probably be inspired by one of the company’s more famous road or race cars of the past.

Also, since this car will be auctioned, it presents a rare opportunity to own one of Ferrari’s top-tier sports cars without going through the trouble of becoming one of the company’s favored customers. Of course that means this car could be very expensive, too. RM Sotheby’s estimates it will go for between €3 million and €4 million, which at current exchange rates is $3.5 million to $4.7 million. On the plus side, the proceeds from the auction will go to an unnamed charity.

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