Ferrari Photo Page leaked Ferrari’s presentation of the 488 Special Series last month. Today, the site’s Instagram has what appear to be press shots of the coming Ferrari that reveal the coupe’s name: 488 Pista. The word “Pista” means “track” in Italian, and it would be the next peak in the lofty range already notable for the 360 Challenge Stradale (Road), 430 Scuderia (Team), and 458 Speciale (Special). We also get a few potential specs, namely a rumored 721 horsepower.

If the press photos are accurate — everything in front lines up with the blurry screenshot from the recent teaser vid — we can begin to see how Ferrari increased aerodynamic efficiency by 20 percent over the standard 488 GTB. Autocar says Ferrari’s aimed at the 340 kilograms of downforce produced by the Porsche 911 GT2 at 155 miles per hour, 15 kg more than achieved by the 488 GTB. Instead of a hood carved out with two deep scallops as on the 488 GTB, nearly the entire span of the hood on the 488 Pista plunges before reaching the leading edge. In back, a large, heavily dished wing tops a new rear fascia, its center span hovering a few inches above the bodywork. Below, a much more aggressive rear diffuser sits between vertical vents at the flanks.

The interior doesn’t look much changed, but note the carbon fiber floor instead of floor mats, the leaner center tunnel area, and shift selector buttons on a stalk styled after the one in the LaFerrari.

A reveal at the Geneva Motor Show seems likely, where we’ll look forward to detailed specs on that engine derived from the 488 Challenge race car but 10 percent lighter. Based on what we’ve seen so far, a Geneva debut will be thrilling no matter how much of the 488 Pista leaks before then.

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