This is the biggest cycling news to come out of Europe. No, we’re not referring to the Tour de France; we’re talking about the Eurobike Awards. Eurobike is the biggest trade show in the world of bikes — an annual gathering of riders, brands, and industry insiders — and it’s where companies reveal the many thousands of new products that they’ve been working on over the past years. Every year, a team of judges painstakingly combs through these items to find the best, based on “functionality, innovation, workmanship and sustainability,” according to Eurobike. This year there are 13 that earned the distinguishment of the coveted Gold Award — see what took the prize home below.

Ortema Ortho-Max Light

A highly-adjustable back protector that’s lightweight and provides pleny of ventilation.

Sandini SleepFix Kids Pillow

More and more parents tote their children in bike seats and tow trailers — this climate-managing pillow helps them sleep along the way.

SQlab Griffserie Grips

A new line of grips designed for any bike to provide maximum comfort and dampening.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet

Meet Troy Lee Designs’ lightest full-face helmet yet. It’s built to balance uncompromising saftey standards — MIPS is included here — while providing plenty of ventilation.

by.schulz D.2 ST-Ri Dropper Seatpost

A new lever-controlled dropper seatpost for urban riders as well as off-roaders.

Rotor INpower Direct Mount ROAD

Rotor’s new power meter sits inside the axel and takes precise measurements of power output, cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone or cycling computer so that you can see these metrics in realtime as you ride.

Radlabor Smartfit Online Sizing

This one’s pretty insider-y; it’s software that will help riders choose the correct frame size when purchasing a bike online. It uses height to calculate arm, leg and torso lengths, which should make life easier for both shops and consumers.

Geonet GEOS Gravel

You wouldn’t know this is an e-bike from its svelte profile. Geonet split the battery into two pieces that are contained by the top and down tubes, keeping the bike at around 33 pounds (one of the lightest e-bikes we’ve seen yet). Despite that, it still has a range of roughly 62 miles.

Riese und Müller Homage

The Homage isn’t new to Riese und Müller’s lineup, but the update makes some major changes to the all-terrain e-bike such as a doubled range and better battery placement.

Pashley Bicycles Bikeshare Bike for London

London is getting an upgrade to its bikeshare program! The new hire bike, as they’re called in the UK, has an emphasis on safety with lots of visibility, a reactive brake light, puncture resistant tires, accelerometer data, a comfier saddle and more.

Chike E Cargo Bike

Chike keeps its cargo bikes compact by positioning the main load-bearing platform above the front wheels. A suspended and tilting chassis also helps the longer frame in going around corners and navigating narrow situations, which are common in urban centers where this bike will see the most use.

Wike Salamander Cycle Stroller

Wike’s new bike uses an offset tricycle design that allows it to convert from bike to stroller/delivery cart in minutes. The extended riding essentially crunchs inward, making it more manageable on public transport and for storage inside.

Muli Cargo Bike

Muli’s family-oriented cargo bike also took home the prize for Best Start-Up. It’s quite compact in form and features a collapsible basket to tote cargo and kids.

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