When it comes to commuting by motorcycle, your choice of gear and clothing is crucial. Just like any other time you hop in the saddle, safety and protection are keystone characteristics, but when you’re heading into the office style and grace should be top priorities as well. If you’re out for a weekend ride or at a track day, it’s completely acceptable to look like you just spent the last 30 miles hunting for apexes. But, when the office is your final destination, you want to look as professional as possible, even if you spent the last 30 minutes weaving through traffic, dodging potholes. Below is a collection of essential kit for the commute via motorcycle calls.

HJC RPHA 70 ST Helmet

The RPHA 70 ST by HJC lands right in the sweet spot where an all-purpose helmet should. The RPHA 70 ST has track-day style and aerodynamic perfromance, but not so much that wind becomes uncomfortable while riding if you’re sitting straight up. Top-notch venting and lightweight construction also make it solid choice for longer hauls.

Budget Alternative: Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet $150
Splurge Option: AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet $750

Aether Navigator Motorcycle Jacket

There are more affordable leather options and more robust jackets out there, but the Navigator nails the minimalist style of a classic jacket and provides wind and weather protection. And since it’s not bulky or overly weighted, Aether’s Navigator works as a casual jacket whether you just got off the bike or not.

Budget Alternative: Tour Master Koraza Jacket $100
Splurge Option: Belstaff Classic Tourist Trophy Jacket$1,450

Aether Ramble Pants

Aether makes a second appearence on the list because it’s hard to deny how well the brand hides real protection behind classy style. At first glance the Ramble pants look like regular casual, grey slacks but the three-layer Schoeller Ottoman weave also acts as a highly water-, wind- and abrasion-resistant shell. You also get D3O EVO XT armor at the hips and knees. Can you say that about your Dockers?

Budget Alternative: Spidi Superstorm H2Out Pants $140
Splurge Option: Saint Unbreakable 6 Jeans $600

REV’IT! Fly 2 Gloves

Due to necessary padding and armor, motorcycle gloves are one of the harder pieces in the commuter repetoire to balance style and function gracefully. The REV’IT! Fly 2 Gloves hide knuckle protection under preforated goatskin leather, which also extends a little further up the wrist to block any unwanted weather from boring its way up your jacket sleeve.

Budget Alternative: Icon Twenty-Niner Gloves $35
Splurge Option: Dainese X-Strike Gloves $200

Stylmartin Wave Boots

Finding a brown or black leather boot which can double for motorcycle duty isn’t difficult. Finding a pair of boots that subtly combine fashion and functional details is a little harder. The Wave Boots by Stylmartin are built with wax-treated leather to shed water and an integrated waterproof liner if the weather really starts to pick up. The wingtip design also cleverly acts as a shifter gaurd for an even better marriage of form and function.

Budget Alternative: Alpinestars Parlor Drystar Boots $180
Splurge Option: Rokker Gentleman Racer Boots $500

Velomacchi Giro Backpack 35L

The 35-liter Giro doesn’t look like much but its construction is watertight and abrasion resistant; inside, there is room for more than just your EDC in the main compartment and a rear slot for your laptopn. The unique architecture of the shoulder straps works to spread weight across your chest which boosts endurance.

Budget Alternative: Alpinestars City Hunter Backpack $120
Splurge Option: Velomacchi 40L Roll-Top Backpack $300
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