Any sort of distance running demands having your gear dialed in. Whether it’s tackling trails, the asphalt or a combination of both, your weekend running kit should be well-assembled for comfort and ease. Essentials like moisture-wicking apparel, lightweight sunglasses, a solid running watch, supportive sneakers, nutrition, a good sport sunscreen and a hydration pack that’ll keep everything handy and out of the way are all necessities. Of course, everything with running starts from the ground up, and socks are a crucial place to start.

Feet First

Before even putting running shoes on, you need to first consider a good pair of running socks. Purveyors of knit innovation, Stance has gone the extra mile in developing performance socks that keep your feet supported, fresh and dry.

The Stance Run Collection utilizes a proprietary fiber treatment called FEEL360 that changes the dynamic between your feet and the socks. There are three core components of FEEL360 that revolutionize sock comfort: premium twisted yarns increase resilience to wear and tear; silver ions within the fibers eliminate 99.95 percent of odor-causing bacteria; reactive fibers adapt to skin temperature and radically accelerate moisture wicking. Additionally, anatomical and seamless fits, mesh venting, integrated arch support and a variety of heights ensure they’ll adhere to any style of running you need them for.

The Distance Running Kit